• Abu Edu life creators is based on the education process from NIGERIA and INDIA. We believe there is revolution for every one four score in this field. The education method differs from individual to individuals. It offers them the opportunity to define his /her own path to get subject integrated knowledge for his/her own development.

  • Path in phonics by our organization for different age groups development not only in the language but also boosting their cerebral in bi linguistics language and placements astrainers since 2015.

  • The organization offers academic science from class 7 to 12, our students actively participate in community as part of their academic program and international science activity by different organizations including STEMS ACTIVITY AND COMPETITIONS .

  • We also support the schools by doing live scientific program for the children from 2017 .

  • Python for academics is in our organizations

  • As there is revolution in worldwide towards the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE we stepped to educate the children by merging the mathematical and science in the computer language of python through their academics



Ms. Uma (Founder of Shri Abu edu life creators) – Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu – India

A candid talk with Mrs. Charu Sharma (Associate Consultant)

A passionate educator, in a candid conversation with Mrs Uma the recipient of SHATAKSHI WOMEN’S AWARD.

She is privileged and honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award by her students and team she feels more responsible as an educator. She is the founder of Abu edu life creators developing on the children knowledge and individuals. She belongs to Telangana and is settled in Tamil Nadu post her marriage. Currently living in Nigeria.

Uma started her career in 2011 as a primary teacher; she is a certified jolly phonics teacher. A qualified to teacher for secondary and higher secondary. She is currently pursuing PhD in carbon 9petro compounds. She has been motivated by her professors to get into teaching; they saw the spark in her. Initially she started free workshops for orphanage children. The base was to improve academics through her methodologies. It helped the students understand the concepts through various scientifically proven styles. She trained the parents of CBSE students how to teach their child to avoid tuitions. Parents get certificates and become certified teachers to help others in Telengana. They run a placement cell also so parents can home tutor online.

During the pandemic, fortunately she associated to all India resource people, they as a team worked on modification of games methodology and any sort of art can be accessed. Mainly focussing on the brain development, individuality and confidence of each child . This starts from three years. All the students are getting artificial intelligence uncoding for Nigeria and India.

She said her inspiration to become an educator was her child. The style and patience helped her undergo reformation.

She says meticulous work and getting inspired by good work are the keys to success and smooth functioning. She strongly believes and wants to continue with her work and let learning never stop .

Her message to all is ‘never be afraid of problems face them by analysing them, focus on the present situation and act accordingly.’

Wishing Mrs Uma the women who empowers the best in her future endeavours.