YOUNG SCIENTIST Team from Sholinganallur with
interested in the science subject where programmed to the
team in sound project they created a amplifier.

CHILDREN presented their rocket model in science day
In Zion school as a four number team.

CAMP FOR CHILDREN the team was enthusiastically engaged in the Mathematical,
physical, brain, flameless cooking , dance night with local musical instrument , Russian
music class from age 4 to 19 near Metupalayam road, Coimbatore.

CHILDREN in Nigeria for children on science day,
with the house hold apparatus to show science is
around us in all actions .The sound from the empty
and filled liquid. Rocket launch by small feets in
the school compound .

doing the Colour formation of with
kumkum and rice powder mixing
water .Making a human outline with
the ear buds .


Learning process is starting by each and every move of the child , children enjoy their act when we say no their development is starting to stop.  Here shree Abu edu changes the word no to try or other ways etc . Our children in home schooling world is different there syllabus is according to the world wide and technology oriented .  We pay more attention to motor and brain related activity to develop the children with technology. 5 c concept is involved in them. The images are  given below

  • The jaipur art thought to our children in fevicyl association. 

  • We motivated out children to participate in various competions.


For the first professor Phonics the sounds to be produced the method of blending.  Methodology made to provide fast pronunciation. Sounds from nose mouth long short , folding tounge provide your speech stylish and fluent. The spelling mistakes is avoided by this practice and multiple linguistic skill is developed and made children to learn more languages.

  • Spelling for next is like an by language learning mostly children are very common with their mother tongue and when they want to shift to their other language they need some basic sounds to be prominently known and the easier accessibility of them. The phonics and phonetics they have their influence in this language speaking and writing and reading methodologies even a preschool teacher or a moderate school teacher they want to speak in other languages to make the children understanding forex make the children to understand the sounds properly and pronounce them and avoid spelling mistakes the supplemental methodology and the teaching can be carried out without the support of the extra materials when the student is very fluent in for next in our organisation step-by-step lessons and the segmentations blending how they are going hi will be taught to the children phonics has been highlighted as numerous research studies in which the achievements of children taught with have been much greater than those children taught with other methods so organisation chose this phone next for teaching the children the key advantages of the children will be recognised all the main sounds grammars will be taught to them.

  • Learning the letter sound is not enough. They need to know how to apply their letter knowledge. The beginning of the children should be taught to blend the sound and hear the words for reading theatre techniques .we follow here are reading writing the and the even the identifying the different sounds. Simultaneously ,with pencil holding letter formation capital letters joining up writing supplementary work conclusion and the blendings they do not know the letter sounds well enough they should be emphasized wrong emphasis will make them to have a bad spelling increase in mistakes and unrecognised and informal talk. Introducing recordable storybooks will be in making them to read and write. We use the practice of letter sounds well. we have different levels of learning in Phonics the first level is the split regularly and can be read using the knowledge the sounds that is the sounds are given.

  • The second level

  • when the new sounds and the diff same sounds are given by the different word for missions and the third level is hopping magic words and the usage of vowels and consonants and the long-shrot how they are blended and the way to read is being done by then and it is followed in the second and third level the fourth level is not last level in the phone makes just without a phonogram are the common spellings and will they have whatever they have learnt that tricky words alternator will sound spelling’s everything is in the fourth level.

PH in pandamic